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Joscho Stephan Trio

Live in Concert

Live in Concert

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Live in Concert - Joscho Stephan Trio

The tracks on this CD are chosen to represent a 'best of' our current programme. Many of the pieces have appeared on previous CDs with different line-ups, but the current versions are fundamentally different, as we have rearranged and changed the titles several times over the years. The biggest difference compared to the studio recordings is the audience, which makes us play in a different direction at every concert. The improvisations, the spontaneous musical interjections and the reactions of the audience are unique at each concert and cannot be reproduced. We are convinced that you can feel our joy of playing in every piece and hope that you can experience this live atmosphere at home.

Guitar - Joscho Stephan
Rhythm Guitar - Sven Jungbeck
Bass - Volker Kamp

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